Thursday, October 9, 2014

Aliens VS. Marines Minimates

Aliens Vs Marines! I do like Alien quite a bit. I really loved the 1st flick and the 2nd one as well but I began to lose interest from there. I did dig Prometheus though.   I dig these Minimates too.
I always like it when they come out with these kind of Army Builder packs. There is always a use for a random grunt. I wish that they'd drop some civilians though. Now THAT'D be useful.

I also really like the little single dose boxes that they come out with from time to time. It's neat. The Marines are really cool though and they could be used in many other scenarios. I guess anything that might require a soldier right?  You would have to switch out there guns though but I know for a fact that you got some spare guns laying about if you collect Minimates. I myself have a whole little bin full if you need a couple on loan..