Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Toys R Us Report For Sept 9th 2014

Well kids, another week another visit to the TRU. It was again a little uneventful. They were in the process of moving things around so maybe they plan on putting out some new goodies soon. Who knows? Could be right? I've seen reports from other fools that their TRU's are stocking the Re-Action Figures. Of course there aren't any at mine but you know, there could be someday right?

That's pretty much what the store looked like when I got there.. Most everything was in carts at the end of the aisle. I wonder if that's the new format for the store? Not a good idea if it is. 

They just got these Walking Dead windups in. I think they were going for 6.99 which isn't too bad really. I kind of liked them. I dig how they are windups as opposed to bobble-heads which are a little played out in my opinion.

My wife said that these had been there for a minute but I don't recall seeing them. I like both these characters. What's not to like about Robin and Raven is great too. I love her voice on the cartoon. It's just perfect. My daughter used to love this show so much. I've seen every episode and can still hear the theme song in my head every night when I try to go to sleep. It's not the worst thing really.

These guys down there are kind of neat. I like the bottom one. I guess he's from that new Batman cartoon that I never watch right? I dig his ears though. I just couldn't get over the computer generated look of the show. It just wasn't for the kid. Sorry Batman..

Well ya'll that' about it from here. I think this might be the week that we roll to the other TRU a few towns over. Wish me luck! I've been trying to get over there for a minute now but just can't seem to get my act together...