Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Toys R Us Report Podcast Episode 2 For The Week Of Sept 22nd 2014

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Hey kids, I did it! Another episode.  I think that the audio in this one is a little better. I sound less like i'm in a tin can and more like I'm in a large echoey room! No not really, it's actually better than I thought. 

So, I talk about my cat and about Mego's under appreciated line of Action Figures: Eagle Force. 

Then I tell you about what was poppin' off over at the TRU. Then there is this little deal where I talk about how excited I was because a female clerk said hello to me.. This is not to be missed Here is Eagle Island, I totally had that. It was awesome but you have to listen to hear about how I broke it. 

Oh this is cool. I just read that there is going to be an Eagle Force Relaunch. That's great! You can read more about it here.. EAGLE FORCE RELAUNCH. Can't wait for that. What an awesome surprise! Take a listen and if you like what you hear tell a friend!