Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sin City Minimates and Some Kill Bill Too

I haven't seen this yet, Sin City I mean. I liked the first one good enough but I don't know, I didn't feel like I needed to see more of it you know? It wasn't bad or anything and the comics are bad to the bone but it was like a once in a lifetime gimmick to me.

The Minimates are kind of cool though. I like The Yellow Bastard and Hartigan is cool too. Is that Joe Gordon Levitt's character? I don't even know.

I can't imagine that I'll pick these up but it's always neat to see a new property or movie

I'm actually way more pumped by the Kill Bill ones even though I haven't actually scored on any of the sets yet either.

That's one of the dopest flicks of all the times. It's one that I watch a little bit of everytime it's on an dudes, I think IFC has it in constant rotation

This set here is pretty neat. I especially like The Hattori Hanzo. I mean, THAT'S SONNY CHIBA DUDE! The Street Fighter himself!

That's really a good set. You get The Bride, Bill, Hatori Hanzo and Pai Mei. Pretty sweet assortment.

Hey, here is a question for you guys. IseeRobots Jr want's to see The Kill Bill joints. She's 12 but kinda' mature. When do you think she's old enough? 14? I don't even know, it's super violent but also has a strong female lead who overcomes many obstacles for revenge, bloody revenge but still.. Tell me what you think, if you want to.