Friday, September 26, 2014

Batgirl Action Figure Thoughts..

Those of you who follow IseeRobots over on Facebook know that I'm like, hugely into Batgirl. IDK, I don't want to talk about it. Don't call me weird. She's cool man. Listen to me defend myself here..

 Ok, basically that's an awesome figure over there on the left. It's based on the new 52 deal that DC is up to and is about to drop at your local comic store anytime now. They might actually have it if they are on the ball...

It's a little out of date though right? Isn't she just about to change her costume?

It's weird when they do that. Change someone's outfit. Every time that it happens you have to wonder if you are ever going to see the old one again. Some times like when they did it to Superman you totally do get the classic look back but in an instance like say, Harley Quinn they skanked her up good and sort of turned her into a hot character and you know that she's never gonna go back to her old jester style outfit no matter how cool it is.

Here's a story, when my daughter was eight we got her a classic style Harley Quinn costume for Halloween. It was really cute but The Batman Arkham Game had recently come out and all the kids at her school were way into it so tons of dudes made fun, well not made fun but happily pointed out to her that she looked nothing like Harley Quinn or at least the Harley Quinn that they knew from the game.
I don't know. Things have to continue to grow and whatever but I like Batgirl's classic suit and I'm sure that I'm not alone in that. I actually like the new one a lot too. I kind of like how she look more like a teenager. I can see that being a nice way to maybe hook some young ladies into comics. I figure people like to see people that are like they are right?

It's  probably like how Lauren Hill says on that Fugee joint. Seasons change. Mad things Rearrange or something like that. I heard that song the other day and have had that lyric bouncing around my head for some reason...