Monday, August 18, 2014

The Toys R Us Report For Aug 18th 2014

Hey kids, went down the TRU with the fam the other day, Ok truth in advertising? They went with me. Because I was going there with or without them. I'm still hunting for that stupid Black Widow figure and don't want to give in until I at least see one. Everyday could be the day you know but I'll cut the suspense. It wasn't today. Anyway, I saw lots of other cool things and took some pics too. Let's take a look

This was new to me. Pretty cool huh? I've heard of these 50th anniversary sets but this is the first one that I saw in the flesh. It looks cool but I'm just not as into GI Joe releases as I could be. I'd rather save my money for other crap, comics and vintage junk. Still though, I do kind of dig it. They had a figure pack too with Blowtorch and a Heat Viper. I didn't get that either.. 

This figure is from the GI Joe Movie but it's super rad because it's The RZA of Wu-Tang fame. Looks a lot like him too. I keep meaning to get this one but never do. I really wanted the Kwinn The Eskimo figure they put out in this set as well but didn't get him when I saw him. Snooze you lose. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy was in full effect. They had this Lego set in stock. It was the only Guardian Legos that I saw. There wasn't a Rocket Raccoon minifigure anywhere and I fully wanted one and was suprised not to be able to get one. That was kind of weird. Dude was everywhere else around the store.  

Right under here is a big poster that they had hanging in the Lego section. My wife totally wanted to take it home and fronted like she was gonna gank it off the wall a couple of times. 

I really wanna see a Lego Groot. I know that they have a couple more sets in the works including a Groot/Rocket combo  that come in the Space Prison Playset, both seem awesome but I'd like to have had it here now when I'm still pumped on the movie!

That Rocket down below talked and fired the gun when you push a button. That's cool but not at all worth 30 dollars. That's a bit steep for a toy that's gonna bore a kid in minutes and annoy the crap outta parents in seconds. The gun does light up though.

Brock Lesnar toys while cool seem weird. Dude is too scary for kids don't you think? Imagine an animated version of Brock! Yikes! It'd belong on The Inhumanoids or something huh? He's a monster among men.

I like The Red Hulk. Not so much because of anything that he says or does really. I think that I'd be a fan of any color Hulk when you get down to it. I'd like to see a Yellow one or maybe an orange one too if anyone is interested. 

And that's the never restocked rack of Marvel Legends.. Maybe someday I'll find my Black Widow figure somewhere. Everytime I go in the store I sort of imagine that this is it! This is the day that my quest will end. Someday it will but that day wasn't this past Saturday... Nothing but a bunch of Captain Americas and Baron Zemos...