Tuesday, August 19, 2014

McDonald's Good Morning Milk Glass Mug, The One That Got Away

This is the one that got away. It's not a big deal or anything but there was this old dude at the flea who had that Mcdonalds cup up there. I totally love it. I am a big Mcdonalds fan. I could eat there everyday. I know it's bad but I'm being honest. I could totally eat there once every day. 

I think that there is enough variety in the menu to mix it up enough to be interesting. One day you could have breakfast and the next day you could get dinner and have a Fish Filet instead of a burger. IDK, I like Mcdonalds.

There's a couple of things that really draw me to these mugs. It's Mcdonalds which I like and it's milk glass which I totally dig. I already have a small collection of milk glass mugs AND it stacks! I already have a small collection of stackable cups too! It's a perfect storm of collectibility. 

Another thing and I haven't been able to verify this as a fact is that Dude told me that if you have a cup like this you can get free refills for life! I like the sound of that. I drink Mcdonald's coffee ALL THE TIME! It's only a buck for a large and isn't really that bad.

Anyway. the old dude had this cup there. It's so rad. I've bargained with him for it a couple of times. He wants ten bucks which is alright but I'm more along the lines of 8. I don't really want to go that much higher than that, strictly on principal. Well, that's where I lost. Dude sold it. What sucks is that I was having a slow day having not found anything that great and was actually considering bumping my offer up to 9. I think he would have bit. But dude totally sold it. I guess, once again the lesson is you snooze you lose. This time A Loser Is Me. 

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