Thursday, August 28, 2014

Garage Sale Find: Radio Shack 60 in 1 Electronics Project Lab

I found this at a garage sale last Saturday. I wanted one of these do it for yourself science sets so bad when I was a kid.  I don't really know why.  It doesn't look that fun really. I guess science in theory is a lot more fun than doing weird little projects on cardboard circuit board.  

I never knew that it was cardboard. That was a little surprising really. That automatically makes it a little more janky than not. 

This is all what came in the box. I'm sure that some kids did have fun with this but looking at it I'm kind of glad that my folks never got me one for my birthday or whatever. If it meant that I'd have this instead of one of the GI Joe sets I had, I don't know, I guess it would have meant that I would have been super unhappy. 

sue maybe it would have meant more of a future in science for me. That would have been dope but I don't think that I have the acumen for it. I'm better off doing the life wasting tasks I'm doing now. Ya, that made no sense but if you knew me at all you'd know that it does kind of make sense. 

Here is a couple little closeups of the board it's self. They might make cool wallpapers. They are probably a little busy really. You'd lose track of your icons.

Did anyone else out there have one of these? I wonder if it was fun and maybe I'm just sleeping on it. Sucka's needs to know. I wonder if there were any like, Fringe Science Experiments on this? Like time travel or teleportation? Prolly not. There would have to be legal issues with that sort of thing. 

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