Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Couple Of Cool Toy Cars I Saw The Other Day

I don't usually go down the car aisle. It's just not really my thing but I recently bought a couple of pop culture style Hot Wheels from my brother in law Marc, the owner of North Bay Anime. One was The Tumbler from Batman and the other was a really neat Starship Enterprise. Both of them are pretty cool and kind of opened my eyes to looking around over there to see what's up. I'm kind of glad I did because I came across these two little gems. 

The Dallas car is really cool but that one up there from Zoolander is kind of a surprise. I don't know how many Zoolander products there have been over the years. Prolly not too much right. Anyway, it's pretty sweet. 

So today's lesson is that it pays to walk a few extra feet and see what's on the aisle next to the one that you are in. I mean what? It's gonna take a minute? Maybe two. I wonder if I missed any other rad cars like these over the years. I must have, prolly like M.A.S.H Jeeps or Knight Rider Cars. Damnit! I bet I did. Oh well, you live you learn right?