Monday, April 22, 2019

Mego Fighting Championship: Andre The Giant Vs. The Fonz

This week on The Mego Fighting Championship we have a matchup of two men on different sides of the size spectrum, Happy Days Star Arthur Fonzarelli AKA The Fonz, a normal sized street tough and Pro Wrestling Legend Andre The Giant, a monster among men. 

The Fonz has a rep throughout the Tri-State Area as an ally fighter but remains untested against top flight competition while Andre has toured the planet for decades taking on the grappling world's top stars. On paper this may be a mismatch but only time will tell. 

Grabbed by the collar
Right at the bell Andre reaches out and grabs Fonzarelli by his famous leather coat's collar. It may have been a mistake to wear a jacket to the fight but The Fonz isn't really the Fonz without the jacket. 

Some have implied over the years that The Happy Days star's powers may be connected to the wearing of the jacket. It's his power totem. Will it be enough to fend off a rampaging giant. A man who stands over ten feet tall? Probably not but the fights only just begun.

Pulled into a bearhug.

Andre uses the collar as handle and pulls The Fonz into a tight bearhug. Folks in the front row claim to hear bone break but at this point that's only hearsay.  Regardless of that the hold is tight and Fonzie is visibly showing pain on his face.

The Last Ride
Using the bearhug as an opening Andre rips The Fonz's jacket from his shoulders and hoists him up for a big POWER BOMB! I feel really bad for the Wakashau native. 

I'm not sure any man can survive a Power Bomb from the twelve foot giant.  The Fonz's bones turn to dust upon impact. The sound created when plastic meets earth is described by onlookers as "otherworldly". 

Andre attacks
Upon impact with the ground Fonzie's pal Richie Cunningham jumps in to give medical aid to his fallen friend. Andre, not finished yet grabs Cunningham and strangles him unconscious. Andre is a beast unleashed. 

The crowd in attendance would be advised to exit the area! After strangeling Cunningham near death he throws his limp frame on top of his pal and stands triumphant. 

Standing Over Bodies

With his quick win Andre moves onto the 2nd round of the tourney where he will face the winner of next week's fight... Star Trek's Mr.Spock Vs. Planet Of The Apes' Dr.Zaius. It's a battle between two learned men, a Vulcan Vs. An Orangutan.

The question is will either fighter want to advance and fight The Giant? I for sure wouldn't.. See you next week...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Geekfest Rants Ep.382: Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 - Episode IX Trailer

As we begin our recap of Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019, we will start with the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer.

Today on GeekFest Rants join Carlos and Steve as they go shot by shot into the Episode IX trailer.  We'll see some returning characters, some new ones, and some amazing unexpected surprises. And this is just the beginning of our Celebration coverage.

Friday, April 19, 2019

IseeRobots Television: 1990 Commercial Blocks From Reno Nevada Day Time TV..

Man, I hated Will Clark BITD, that's the baseball dude in the thumbnail. Me and my brother both when we were coming up HATED the SF Giants with a passion and Will "The Thrill" was their posterboy. He seemed like such a redneck. Ugh, we HATED that fool. I've softened on him over time but not on The Giants.. I still hate them. I'm an Athletics fan, the good old Oakland A's.. America's Team.. 

Anyhow, there are some fun commercials in this block, some neat local ones. If you happened to have come up in Reno in the 90's... this is for you. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Toys R Us Report Ep.192: Life After Flash DVD Review, Johnny Court Commercial And Tons More!

This week on The TRU RPT we take a look at Life After Flash a documentary of the Post Flash Gordon life of Sam Jones.. I picked it up over at Joe Video and I'll tell you all about it, like what's he up to now? Where did he go after Flash? Stuff like that.

Before we get there though we talk about another wacky movie I saw, this one is called Beach Bum.. It's Harmony Korine's latest.. Dude, it was weird but I liked it.

We get an appearance from Engineer Emily, talk about the song Easy Lover and have a super exciting commercial for J-5's new TV Show, Johnny Court. You HAVE to hear it!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

IseeRobots Television: Bowling: The Perfect Game. Classic Moments In Bowling History VHS Rip

As you guys may or may not know I am a HUGE bowling fan. I like to do it, I like to watch it and I like to talk and write about it. I don't know man, the game just talks to me. 

I found this VHS tape at The Dig awhile back and thought that it was so great that I HAD to rip it to youtube. I worry about things like this getting lost in time. I don't know if it ever got released to DVD but I have a hard time believing that it was. It may have been though, I don't know. At any rate I wanted to share it with the world! I'm super nice that way. 

It's pretty fun though, there are a ton of bowling highlight and a neat tour of The Bowling Hall Of Fame. I totally have to go there someday.. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Mego Fighting Championship: Muhammad Ali Versus Frankenstein

This time around on the Mego Fighting Championship we continue first round tournament action as the self proclaimed Greatest Of All Time Muhammad Ali takes on undead creation Frankenstein. 

Each fighter brings different strengths to the ring, Ali has speed, power and big fight experience as the Heavyweight Boxing Championship Of The World while Frankenstein comes with power, durability and maneuvers brought from beyond the grave.  This could be anyone's fight! 

Ali Lands A Jab
As the brawl jumps off Ali peppers Frank with jabs and attempts to move to the side away from the lunging monster's grasp. 

Ali's jabs seem to have little effect on the creature from beyond the grave but Ali's speed is far superior to Frank who shambles around the ring like moss on the side of a deep forest tree.

The Choke
Despite the difference in speed Frank is able to wrap his arm around Ali's head as he attempts a bulldog choke. 

Frank's superior strength allows him to fend off Ali's attempt at blocking the choke as he begins to squeeze The Greatest's head between his recently sewn on arms. Arms that at another time belonged to a completely different man having been added via an ungodly experiment! 

A Big Slam
Before the choke can be fully locked in Ali scoops up Frank high in the air and deposits him on the ground head first! 

The monster despite being a creature from beyond the grave still has a brain that feels the concussive effects of skull on concrete! 

Bionic Elbow
Ali having experience in pro wrestling follows up the slam with a giant elbow drop similar in style to Dusty Rhodes' Bionic Elbow. The strike lands with pinpoint accuracy on Frank's grill. The ring quakes and a blinding light explodes from the impact point. Frankenstein might be done!

Ali going Art Jimmerson Style, One Glove.
Ali leaves nothing to chance and follows up the elbow with a stomp to the face of Dr.Frankenstein's greatest creation. The beast is finished, his head crushed. Luckily a replacement is on the way recently having been produced from a team of grave robbers working the area. It's smart to think ahead.. (zing!)

That concludes this first round fight. Last week we saw Bruce Lee defeat Action Jackson so our first second round fight features the winners of the concluded battles, Muhammad Ali vs The Dragon Bruce Lee. That is sure to be a barn burner.

Next week on The Mego Fighting Championship we continue first round action when Happy Days' Arthur Fonzarelli, The Fonz himself battles Pro Wrestling Legend, Andre The Giant! 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Geekfest Rants Ep.381: Mandy - Geek Review - Art Films or Dumpster Fires

Have you ever watched a movie that left you with more questions than answers? Or you did not know if you liked it or not until you talked to some people about it? Or that it was so disturbing that you has to stop watching it?  Well, welcome to art films. 

Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos takes you through a basic tour of some of the most accessible art films out there.  We begin with a review of Mandy and then spiral down to classics like Drive, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Bad Lieutenant, Blue Velvet and many more.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Toys R Us Report Ep.191: Johnny 5's New Show Revealed and My Current Comic Book Subscriptions!

This week on the show we take a look at a bunch of fun stuff including Johnny 5's New Show! and my current comic book subscriptions! It's a ton of fun this week. Make sure to tell a friend!

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Mego Fighting Championship: Action Jackson Vs. Bruce Lee

Hey kids. Here it begins. What you say? Only the greatest thing ever. A No Rules, Hand to Hand Combat tournament between the greatest combatants in the Mego World. 

What could be a better beginning than a battle between two of the finest fighters ever conceived, Judo/Karate Black Belt and dangerous Super-Spy, Action Jackson and the one and the only, The Dragon Bruce Lee...?  Nothing.  Let's take a look at the action.

Lee grabs Jackson's Kick
The fight begins when Jackson throws a front kick at Lee who grabs his foot and takes Jackson to the mat. It immediately proves a mistake when Jackson reverses and gets ahold of Lee's back and starts to work for a choke. 

Jackson is a black belt in Judo and may be able to snatch victory with a quick strangle.

Jackson reverses the takedown and gets Lee's back..
The men work on the ground for a second when Lee proves to be a quality ground fighter in his own regard when he throws a back elbow to AJ's nose and escapes his grasp.

The athletic Lee proves to be too wiry to be held down, even for a black belt.

Lee gets free and a scramble ensues. Lee the quicker man gets to his feet first while Jackson struggles to make it upright when he trips on his Judo pants.

Lee lands the Knockout Kick. Jackson's head explodes. 
Before Action could fully stand Lee lands a devastating kick right to his face. Jackson's head explodes as he falls to the ground, defeated.. 

There ends the first round of The Mego fighting championship.. The next round? A battle between two disparate men... Olympic Gold Medalist and World's Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali and Fiendish Undead Creature... Frankenstein. Be there or Be square.. 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Geekfest Rants Ep.380: Star Wars Concept Ship Toys & Movie Viewer

Today on GeekFest Rants we return to our Happy Place... Star Wars toys.  Join Carlos as we take a deep dive into Star Wars concept ship toys.

We'll begin with Galoob's Series Alpha, then to Hasbro Solo additions, and to the Hot Wheels concept Cantwell collection.  When it comes to three dimensional representations of small size concept ships, there are plenty out there to collect.

Then we jump to 1977, to the pre home video days of Star Wars with the Star Wars Movie Viewer.  This is probably the earliest version of being able to watch 40 second clips of the movie at home for an affordable price. No Batteries Needed.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Toys R Us Report Ep.190: The Top 5 Game Shows Of All The Times Plus Tons More!

This week on the show we start off with a bit of philosophical talk that get's interrupted by Engineer Emily. She guides us into a discussion on the Christmas party from a few years ago and Fleetwood Mac.

Then we talk about Jordan Peele's latest flick US. I thought it was interesting and we'll share some details while still remaining spoiler free.

For the main event we talk on my Top 5 Favorite Game Shows of All The Time and Space.. I think there are a couple real talking points in here. Let me know what you think.

At the end we take a voicemail and talk about a Token Show I went to at the Vet's Building.. It's exactly what it sounds like.. A show about tokens..

Wanna call the show? dial 707-538-JAMS anytime day or night.. You can text too!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Toys R Us Report Ep.189: A Mego Unboxing, More Cat Talk, AB Silver Leaves A Message And Tons More!

This week on the show we start off with a new song from Iceberg and MC Kate. It's about Mayonnaise. I don't want to offend him but man, his mixes are getting kind of weird.. Anyway, this is a good one.

From there we listen to a message from AB Silver and talk to Engineer Emily about why she hates dude so much. It's pretty interesting.

Then for At The Movies we talk about a DVD I saw and about a movie I saw about 12 years ago..
For the final segment we open an Mego that I got take some text messages and talk about the further adventures of my runaway cat..

Wanna call in? Voice or text messages can be sent to 707-532 JAMS (5267)

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