Friday, February 23, 2018

Geekfest Rants Ep. 336: Rock Soundtracks - Misfit Kenner Star Wars

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Today on GeekFest Rants Carlos takes a look at some of the best Soundtrack/Scores done by Rock groups/artists.  We'll examine artists such as AC/DC, Daft Punk, and Queen.  How sometimes a great soundtrack can't save a movie.  Or how a soundtrack enhances a film beyond all expectations. 

Then we are going to talk about Misfit Kenner Star Wars characters. These are toys that are not officially part of the action figure line 92-Backs but that deserve as much attention as a carded figure.  These include characters such as Jabba, the Tauntaun, the Probot, etc.  Just when you thought we were done with Kenner Star Wars, it pulls us back in.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Video Store Stickers: Rio Video, Rio Vista California

I found this sticker on a tape at The Dig the other day. I sometimes feel like I've seen all the different store labels around these parts but then I come up with one I've never come across like Rio Video. I'm totally unfamiliar with those dudes. I like the label though. The little drama faces are cool. Let's you know that you might find some funny tapes or some sad tapes. That's quite a selection. 

The 347 phone prefix can be a few different places, New York or more likely Rio Nido California which is about 45 minutes from Santa Rosa. That's where I live. That seems more likely. 

I did a bit (A small bit) of research and discovered this pic down there. It's the only video store in Rio Nido. Well, it was the only video store in Rio Nido. They recently closed down.

That's what it looked like. Pretty nondescript but that sign is intriguing so I went ahead and turned the pic around on google so that I could get a better look at it. Here's what I discovered. It's pretty dope.

Dig it, first of all it is in fact Rio Video so I was successful in tracking down the store. I'm a super sleuth. Also, that sign is fantastic. It has VHS tapes and what is either a bouquet of flowers or a pot of gold. I'm gonna go with the gold. That seems doper but either one is pretty fresh. 

There was one review on Google of the store. It was from 7 years back. Let's take a look at that while we're here...

That kid wishes that there was a tanning salon still in town so that the youth would have something fun to do. Ok, that's not what I do for fun but hey man, whatever you dig, right? At least he gave it 5 stars. That's super nice. 

At any rate, there you have it. Rio Video, Rio Nido California. We never knew you but of course.. T.R.O.Y....

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Toys R Us Report Ep.146:The Eastbay Comic-Con, Black Panther, Star Wars Dolls Plus More!

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off some talk about renting videos and the need to get out of the house.

From there we take on At The Movies where this week we saw Marvel's latest joint.. Black Panther. I'll tell you all about it.

Then it's onto The Main Event where I give an indepth look at a Comic-Con I went to in Concord California. It was a TON of fun! 

For the last segment we have some toy talk, mostly about Star Wars Dolls and then we end the show with a new philosiphy I want you guys to embrace. E.L.E or Everybody Love Everybody!

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Monday, February 19, 2018

October 1981 Movie Ads From The San Francisco Chronicle.

Here you go kids. another scan from that 1981 Newspaper I found at The Dig a few weeks back...This is what was popping off in Oct of 1981. Nothing really terrific but it is a nice little slice of time. Staying Alive is cool albeit sort of weird. It's strange how Travolta goes like full pro dancer with a headband and everything. I dig it though, headbands are dope.

Easy Money with Dangerfield is prolly fun but I can't say that I've ever seen it. I'm not sure about Nightmares either.. It may be the Emilio Estevez flick but it could also be the Australian Slasher joint named that. I don't the Emilio movie came out until 1983 though. 

Mr.Mom has always seemed like a real weird slice of the time. The whole deal is about how a dude has to stay home and watch the kids. Nowadays that is super normal but back then it was quite wacky. Wacky enough to make a whole movie about it.. Around The World In 80 Days is a Terry Gilliam Movie? Nope, I'm totally wrong. This is a rerelease of the 1956 movie that stars famous Mexican Clown, Cantinflas... I wonder what was behind that? 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Geekfest Rants Ep.335: Solo Trailer-Teaser - Weird TV Shows

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Today at GeekFest Rants we finally get a look at the eagerly anticipated Solo, trailer/teaser.  Carlos goes shot by shot to examine every little bit of information that will fuel our latest Star Wars obsession. 

Then we'll go over some shows to try to fill our Stranger Things fix. Included here you have, Twin Peaks, Dark, Black Mirror, Electric Dreams, Altered Carbon, and Counterpart.  If we had more hours in the day, perhaps we could keep up with all this content.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This Boring Life Ep.8: Baseball And Baseball Card Collecting

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Hey kids! This week we have a little something different. An All New Episode of.. This Boring Life, where every episode we will explore The Secret Origin Of IseeRobots. One Topic At A Time. The topic for this episode? Baseball and Baseball Card Collecting. 

This episode may come across a bit disjointed. I actually started it back in Oct of 2017 but then the big fire started so I sort of fell of sced and was finally able to finish it up. It's a ton of fun though. 

Don't worry. We cover a ton of Baseball Video Games that I played, Baseball Stars, Earl Weaver Baseball and others before moving onto my passion for Baseball Cards. There is talk of shops, shows and popular cards of the time. 

Don't worry man, if you don't like baseball it's all good. It's mostly about video games and card collecting. It's a super fun episode! Give it a listen and make sure to tell a friend!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Video Store Pics: T.R.O.Y The Video Store, Sebastopol California

Sadly, another soldier has gone down. This one was known as The Video Store in Sebastopol California. I'd never been there before the closing sale which is my bad but it was a bit out of the way for us which is no excuse. It's something that I feel bad about. My lack of support is annoying BUT it wasn't like me popping in to grab a Used DVD or something was going to make the difference between life or death. Still though, I suck. 

Sebastopol is a small hippy town that borders Santa Rosa. It's where we go every sunday for the flea market. One of the two flea markets that we hit up. I know, I just said that it was out of the way for us but the flea market is on one side, the video store is on the other. I already said that I suck so leave it be. 

The Video Store has been open in it's present locale for 20 plus years so it's really sad to see it go. I felt that it'd be there forever and that I had all the time in the world to dip in there. I was totally wrong but I felt that Hippy-Dippy Sebastopol was the sort of place that would strive to keep it's last Video Store open just out of the belief that it's the right thing to do... It is the right thing to do BTW. Support your local Video Store if you are lucky enough to have one.

The store was cool in that they had a bunch of handwritten signage that gave the place a one of a kind feel. They also sold toys and stuff, mostly Funko stuff like Pop Vinyls but still, it's pretty cool to diversify your stock. 

Considering that Sebastopol is a wacky town and the fact that the store had been open for so long I did expect it to be wackier than it was. IDK, I imagined that it'd have like tons and tons of stuff like stacked to the ceiling but it was really more or less a standard DVD store. 

It's wrong to hold something up to a standard that you have made up in your head but I was a bit disappointed overall. It was fine and if this was your video store it'd be fine but it sort of lacked the wacky-wildness that I love to see in a mom and pop store. Does that make sense? It was pretty standard. Standard but fine. 

Still though, I am super sad to see it go. That takes Sonoma County down to 3 Video Stores, two in Santa Rosa and one in Petaluma. 

Listen, I say it all the time but if you have a Video Store near you go there and give support. The world was a better more interesting place when you had to go out and get movies as opposed to the more convenient digital world we live in now. I truly believe that. 

I love convenience but the thrill of going out and hunting for the flick that you wanted to watch added to the fun you had when you actually watched it. It felt like you earned it. You appreciated it more. It adds to the overall experience and what is life if not a series of experiences. No one will look back and reminisce over a movie they watched alone at home on Netflix...

Get out. Go do something fun. Go hunt or something and then savor it when you have it. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Geekfest Rants Ep 334: Saturn 3 - Raiders Figures

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Sometimes we watch great films, sometimes we watch good films, but sometimes we watch Saturn 3.  Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos covers a great B-level (if we are very generous) sci-fi cheese-fest starring Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett, and Harvey Keitel.  However, the behind the scenes troubles with the making of this film is more entertaining than the film itself. 

Then we take a look at the original Kenner line of Raiders of the Lost Ark action figures. From quick draw Indy to the one eye Monkey Man

Thursday, February 8, 2018

VHS Stuff: VideoClub Advert W/ Vanessa Del Rio

I found this wild advert on a ripped out page from a random stack of weird stuff I have in the office. I think I got it out of The Cowboy's stuff at the Sebastopol flea market. It looks to be a page from a porno-mag. Prolly a Penthouse. I don't know if Playboy ran stuff like this. They prolly did, what do I know? It just seems more like a Penthouse advert than a Playboy one.. Well, it actually says Penthouse on it. Down at the bottom. They offer The Penthouse Special. 

It's cool though because they offer like normal family fare like Superman alongside the sleaze like Debbie Does Dallas or whatever. It pays to cover all the markets that you can I suppose. I also wonder how many copies of ET they sold compared to copies of Sex Boat?

I really dig that TV that, I believe it's Vanessa Del Rio has her legs kicked up on. It was the sort that I was looking for for the office before I came up on the one that I have now.. 

If you look close you can see that they offer both X and XXX. I didn't know there was a difference. I bet that's just some marketing on their part. Also note, the tapes cost 69 bucks,, Get it! Hardy-Har-Har! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Toys R Us Report Ep.145: The 5 Mic Movie Hall Of Fame: The Warriors

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off some talk about last week's appearance of Johhny 5 and then move onto a sad TROY...

From there we go to At The Movies where we take a look at one of this years Oscar Nominees.. The Post. It's about Newspapers..

Then onto the main event where we continue what is sure to be a historic feature.. The 5 Mic Movie Hall Of Fame... The 3rd entrant? One of the greatest films of all the times.. The Warriors

For the final segment we talk on some stuff like Vintage TVs, Charlotte Flair Action Figures and all sorts of other cool stuff!

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The WWE Elite Collection Charlotte Flair Action Figure

So, I bought another Charlotte Flair Figure. This one has a robe though. Ya, I already have one. I get it but dude! This one has the famous Flair Robe..

She didn't come with a belt though so I had to dig around in my bowl of action figure title belts to find one that fit right. I'm not sure at all where this one came from. I like it though. I do plan on buying her the proper Women's Championship Strap at some point. I kind of hope to just find one at  The Flea Market like all the other ones that I have....

She's a nice figure though. Kind of comparable to a Marvel Legend or a Star Wars Black. She is articulated in all the places that a pro grappler would need to be. 

It's hard to get your hands on the girl WWE Figures. I hardly ever see them on the pegs. I figure that all the dudes who scalp figures at Toy Shows grab them up 1st thing in the morning. 

When I was at  Toy Con this year there was one dude who had like, Sasha Banks, Bailey, Asuka and all the other gals. That's where I got the other Charlotte that I have.. Dudes be scalping all the fun toys man. When I saw Charlotte at Target I scooped her up. They had a Nia Jax there too for what it's worth.. 

Charlotte's Robe is cool but I wish that it had like sequins on it or something.. That's asking a bit much though really. 

She has a cool robe now with like a peacock theme to it.  That's one that I would totally want on a figure. I guess if they put it out I'd have to buy a 3rd fig of her.. It's all good though. I would totally want to.. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

PP Ep. 15 “Farewell PP”

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In this last episode of PP the P.P of All The Times we discuss the health, children’s magazines, music, and why the PP is so important! We also make an announcement that will blow you away! Enjoy!