Monday, May 21, 2018

Vintage Movie Ads From A 1974 Newspaper, Death Wish! APES! Plus A Couple Others!

Hey kids. I found another old newspaper at The Flea Market. This one was a SF Chronicle just like the last one that I found but this one is a bit older. It's from August 9th 1974.  I was like 8 months old at the time that it was published. 

I really dig old newspapers. They are the PERFECT way to get a real slice of what life was like at a certain time. When I come across one what I look for the most is the advertisements. Sadly this one didn't have the coupon section which is my real fave but aside from that it was complete.

When I come up on what of these after I dig through the coupons for toys and weird old food products and clothe and then I head over to the movie listings. It's great to see what and how they were selling these flicks back in the day. I'm always hoping to come across a Star Wars ad or something sci-fi like that. I didn't find that this time but I did come across and scan in a few cool ones. Let's take a look. 

This one is a bit hard to read. Click on it. It get's bigger!

This one was monumentally sized. It took up like a serious 3rd of the page. Man, they were giving Death Wish a GIANT PUSH! They call it a "Provocatively Made Shocker" ya, it was maybe that. IDK, I've seen it and there is a bit too much sexual assault for my taste. I'm also not a big Bronson dude. I think that he had a certain something that 70's dudes were into that really doesn't carry over to 80's kids like I was. I might be wrong about that. I might just not be that into him. I don't know. On a side note, I saw the remake of Death Wish that Eli Roth put out this year. It was terrible.

I have never seen this movie. To be honest I am not so sure that I even knew that it existed. I wonder what it's like. I think that if I  saw this ad in the paper I might have, No, I for sure would have wanted to see it. Especially with that little blurb from Playboy hailing it as "The Most Gruesome Epic Ever Released" Who could possibly pass that up. Plus it's in 3D. Not the lame 3D That we have today. I imagine that this is the cool old Blue/Red paper glasses 3D. 

This one is right in my wheelhouse. I love me some Apes! I'm not super into the current ones, they are fine but not as cool as the originals. Not to me anyhow. I love this ad so much though. It's really creative. Go Ape!. 

It's for a gosh-darn APE MARATHON! How awesome is that? I would so go and check that out. It's  dope because the marathon is playing all week continuously so you can drop in at different times and see different movies. Man, what a way to spend a day. Just sitting around and Ape-Ing out while eating popcorn and Reese's Pieces.. 

Sorry that this one is so wrinkly. I cut the other ones out but this one had something cool on the other side that I wanted to scan in so I had to fold it up and it made the scan look weird. I can't explain the color difference though. That's just weird. Sorry. I'm also not super familiar with this movie. I'm not the biggest Kung-Fu Flick dude. I like some of them but I don't have the depth of knowledge that some guys have. It looks cool though. 

Is that dude in the center being shot? It looks like something bad is happening to him or he's busting forward through a finish line. Also, what is that hand holding in the foreground? Some sort of mechanic tool? It looks like an attachment for that thing that use to remove nuts from things, or to put them in I guess.. I'm not all that handy. A Ratchet? I think that's what it's called.  

I tossed this scan in just for the fun of it. Man, there are some great sounding restaurants here. I dig The Steakery and The Joe's Of Westlake. The Chuck Wagon sounds cool but it's not a buffet joint like my beloved Santa Rosa Chuck Wagon. My favorite though is toward the bottom. It's called Solomon Grundy's. I'm going to imagine that it's run by the DC Comics villain and that he makes occasional appearances and goes around and gladhands the patrons. 

Which one of these is your favorite? If you had to make a movie/dinner date night what movie would you pick and what restaurant? I'm thinking I'd go to The Ape Marathon for a bit and then leave when we're bored and go to Grundy's.. Oh, what a night!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Geekfest Rants Ep.346: Quiet Place - Infinity War - Lost In Space - Cobra Kai Reviews

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What do A Quiet Place, Avengers: Infinity War, Lost In Space, and Cobra Kai have in common?  Absolutely nothing, other than Carlos is reviewing them today on GeekFest Rants. 

On this episode we have a perfect combination of horror, comic book, sci-fi, and 80's throwback entertainment.  Is it possible to take a break from Star Wars a week before Solo opens?  Maybe.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

DIg Finds: A Trio Of K-Mart Pogs and a Weird Slammer

I found this big book full of pogs at The Dig the other day. They were all lame sort of off brand pogs. Weird like knock-off skater type stuff. The only ones that I found that were the least bit interesting were these guys here.

I'm a bit of a K-Mart junkie though. I just really dig the K-Mart aesthetic. I don't know, Big K has been a go to place for me for like many a moons now. I went there as a kid, I'd gone there up until the big fire and I still go to The K-Mart in Petaluma as often as I can. I dig the throwback vibe.

One thing that I think is a bit funny is that to me these were clearly the choice pogs but I bet to the kid that had the collection these were the lame ones. I didn't mention that these guys were on the absolute last page of the album. The literal very last one. That to me is proof that they were the lamest in his eyes..

I guess that the scriptures came true.. the weak did eventually inherit the Earth. The rest of the pogs got tossed back into the bin with only these guys surviving to make it to my house. 

I wonder if there is any world that the pogs original owner, that cool 90's kid saw where one day some weird old fool would be digging through his super-fresh pog collection only to toss all the good ones and keep the lamest ones of all. That goes to show you dude, no matter how hard you try you just can't predict the future with any certainty.. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Toys R Us Report Ep.153: Free Comic Book Day, Cobra Kai, Tully and Tons More!

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with a little talk about Free Comic Book day here in Santa Rosa and then we talk on Diablo Cody's latest movie. It's called Tully. I'll tell you all about it. 

Finally we finish off with some talk about Cobra Kai, my new Lando action Figure and some other Star Wars dudes I bought plus some talk about The Flea Market season 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

2 More Dope Robot Drawings. One With A Square Head And One With A Triangle Head.

I've been drawing robots again lately. I don't know, it's sort of soothing. If you focus on the work it helps to disintegrate any stress that you might have at the time. 

It's a nice to focus on something "creative" as a stress blocker and in the end you get a cool drawing of a robot. My prefered media is crayons, crayons and black sharpies. I draw the outline of the robot in sharpie and then I color him in with crayola. It's not rocket science. 

Anyhow, I have two robots to present to you this time around and both of these dudes are gonna be available to the first two folks who want to get up on them. I'll tell you how at the end.. Let's take a look at the 1st robot though.. 


I like this guy. He looks surprised in one eye (the square one) and tired with the other eye. That's hard to do. It might be easier for a robot but for a flesh-bag like me it's almost impossible. Believe me, I've tried. 

On a side note have you ever noticed that really cool people always sort of have a kind of tired look in their eye? Like they are super disinterested in what's going on? That's what makes you cool, disinterest

Anyhow, I like this guy a lot. He's cool cuz he has a pincher on the end of one arm and some sort of drill on the other. He's multi purpose. 

He's also like seriously the first time that I tried to draw legs on a robot. Usually they just sort of have a tube that makes them float. Don't ask me how it works. I'm a robot artist, not a robot scientist.. NOTE!! The Square Headed Robot has been claimed... 

Here is the 2nd guy. He's cool too. That one big eye of him makes him look both crazy and serious at the same time. He also has one of those floating tubes that I was talking about a second ago (writing about?). I can't explain how it works but somehow the little yellow dots keep him up in the air. It's a miracle of "science".

He has a pincher hand too and the other one is some sort of twin circle deal. I have no idea what that is supposed to be about. I kind of think I might have forgotten to draw something on the end of his circle-nub. That's on me. Sorry dude. 

He's a lot pokier than the 1st robot too. He's sort of punk rock. Not really. He is spikey though. I'm not super keen on his color scheme which again is on me. I colored him and all. Again, sorry dude. It's not your fault that you aren't my favorite robot drawing. It's all on me. 

I do like the antenna that are coming out of your ears though homie. I wonder what it is that you are listening to. Maybe you are transmitting something? Maybe both. Maybe one ear-tenna is doing one thing and the other is doing the other. Who can say? 

So, there you have it. Two all new/all fun robot drawings. Both are up for grabs. If you do happen to be interested in having me mail these to you hit me up over on Facebook or on Twitter and I'll pop em' in an envelope and shoot em out your way. I'll prolly toss in a sticker too so that it's not a total waste of time for you..  

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Reel Wisdom: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

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Hey kids! This time around on Reel Wisdom we take a look at the 2nd film in the 3rd trilogy of Star Wars Films, The Last Jedi. I really dug this flick and thought that there was lot of wisdom contained in the story which was penned by Rian Johnson who directed and wrote one of my favorite movies, a flick called Brick.

In the scene that we are going to listen to this time around Yoda breaks down a few important tidbits of learning to good old Luke Skywalker about living in the moment and about learning from our mistakes. From there I talk a bit about what he said to Luke and what I think that he means when he says "We are what they grow beyond".

Thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time and I hope that you had an awesome May The Fourth! 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Geekfest Rants Ep.345: Star Wars - Secrets of the Empire - Figure Cases

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Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos explores the virtual reality world of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.  This is a virtual reality experience that brings you into an undercover mission to steal the Empire's new secret weapon.  Virtual reality entertainment is new to us so you'll get a newbie's perspective on it. 

Then we dive into vintage Star Wars action figure carrying cases.  The good, the bad, and the strange. From simple suitcase designs to elaborate space ship shaped cases, we'll cover them all.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Nice Retro Lunch. Tab And Filet-O-Fish

So if I had my chance to get a perfect retro lunch this my be it. I love me a Filet-O-Fish and they taste a ton better when they are packed in one of these neat styrofoam containers and MAN! I have lusted after that old school Tab taste forever. It was so gross and so chemical tasting. It was really awful but for some reason I am dying to have one. 

Have any of you guys gotten up on that Tab relaunch? If so how was it? Did it have that awful taste that Tab was known for or is it more in line with a modern diet soda? Fools wanna know! My guess is that it is more inline with a generic diet soda than it was BITD.

Back then dudes hadn't really mastered the flavor of zero calorie sweeteners. Nowadays they are super sweet but back then they tasted a bit like ground up pool toys and machine oil.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Classic Episode Repost: Toys R Us Report Ep.110: The Top 5 Pizza Toppings Of All The Times

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with a little talk with Engineer Emily and then we move onto At The Movies where we examine a super weird movie that I saw called "Swiss Army Man" Dude, it was something else.

From there we move on the main event of the deal... The Top 5 Pizza Toppings Of All The Time. Man, this is going to be a divisive list. Dudes are gonna flip their lids. I mean that.

Finally we finish off with some talk about Riverdale and about a trip I took over to The Bowling Alley. I made a new bowling song and everything. It's a super fun show. I think your'e gonna dig it.. 

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Video Store Stickers: A Quaternary Of Video Store Labels

Hey kids it's me. I've been saving up a few of these little Video Store Labels waiting to get enough to get a decent post out of. I think I'm there. IDK, I might be. No, I am. This is enough.

I really like the stickers on the tape that show the name of the store and where they were located. I guess what gets me is that each one of these was probably a special place for someone. Each one might have been someone's favorite Video store.. On the flip they could have been someone's least favorite store too. There is a special place in our hearts for the worst store too though. It's almost the equal to the best in a certain way. I guess that way is wackness but, whatever.

Their Space is now A Papa Murphy's :( 
Let's start with this one here. I like that it's from Arizona. I wonder how a tape made it all the way from AZ to The Dig here in Santa Rosa. Someone prolly moved. It's not that big of a mystery but it's still fun to think about. I also like the font that says Video Update. It's futuristic.

I dig how this one is a Video Store in a TV shop, George's TV Shop, Vallejo. V-Town is maybe an hour or so from here. It's where Six Flags is. The one that used to be Marine World: Africa/USA and had a ton of animal exhibits but is now Roller Coasters mostly with a few animal shows. It's fine either way. 

Anyhow, this is an older sticker. I think so anyway, it shows how they have Beta as well as VHS. 
You know, they are all older stickers huh? I lose track of time like that sometimes. Even though I know it was it doesn't seem like 25 years or more since stores stopped carrying VHS.. 

This one is fun too but it offers us no info at all about where Major Video was. I guess you had to be in the know to find it or maybe it was such a powerhouse in whatever area it was that it came from that you HAD to know where Major Video was. IDK.  

UPDATE!!! IseeRobots reader Rob was able to provide us with a pic of a real life Major Video store!! Take a look..! Big Thanks to Rob for hitting us up with this! 

See how it says that you have to pay for the tape if you tamper with the sticker? Well that's cuz dudes would open up the case and switch the reels with other movies. No, for real. People did that. So if the sticker was messed with someone prolly stole whatever movie was and replaced it with a blank tape or something.

With this one I'm guessing that it's a video store, or THE video store in Stirling California. That's a ways away from here. To be honest this isn't the most thrilling video store sticker. It's kind of clip-art really. IDK. It does the trick though. It has the number at least so if you need some info or whatever you can give em a buzz.

Alright so there you have it. I don't really know the best way to finish this out. I guess I'm just gonna bid farewell and say hey, take care of yourself and if you have a video store in your neck of the woods then you should go there. Make a day of it, buy something. It's not a museum. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Magazine Scans: Dynamite Magazine. Star Wars! '78 and Beyond

Dynamite was the premier Kid's Magazine when I was a young sprat. It covered all sorts of stuff that kids were into, Movies, TV, Sports and whatever. I guess that's what everyone is into huh? That's basically all the types of entertainment that folks like.. 

Anyway, Dynamite had all of that stuff as well as activities the likes of word searches and crosswords as well as connect the dots type stuff. There was also sometimes things that you could cut out and and use for example this issue that I butchered for the article had little door hangers that said " The King is in" with "The King is Out" on the other side. It was reversible.. 

Dynamite published from the 70's to well into the 90's. If you consider 92 to be well into the 90's. Maybe "into the early 90's" would have been more accurate. 

This one was from January of 1978. By that point Star Wars had been out for like what? 7 or 8 months? By that point it was a full on sensation! like, the number one thing in the universe. Let's take a look at the article.

You can enlarge it and read along if you like!
The 1st page had a nice pic of the 3 main characters. I really dig Star Wars Carrie Fisher. I know, what I mean to say is "A New Hope" Carrie Fisher but to me it will always be Star Wars. I feel like a real dork when I say " A New Hope" IDK, the only time I really do say it is if I'm talking to a kid or something. Anyone around my age knows that it's Star Wars, The 1st Star Wars..

Anyhow, I really dig Carrie Fisher with the cinnamon bun hairdo. I read somewhere that when she saw that version of herself she thought that she looked like a snowman with two pieces of coal for eyes or like a dinner plate with two black dots drawn on.. I'm like.. 'C'mon Carrie! you looked great! Don't be so hard on yourself!"

Click on and read this one too! 
On this page they talk a bit about how there is going to be a sequel to Star Wars and then there is going to be a sequel to that! I wonder what young me would have thought if I knew that not only was there going to be 3 MORE after the two they mention here PLUS! 4 prequels! (Rogue One is a prequel. The best prequel.) My head prolly would have fallen off with joy.

I like the picture on this page. Chewie looks so happy.
On the final page of the article in Dynamite they go over the main characters with brief bios of that actors that play them. Luke's is called "Lucky Star" then there is one on "Princess What's her name?" and finally one about Han called "Second Start" before they finally finish with my favorite character of them all... Chewbacca! In it they talk about how despite the film pulling in 150 million dollars Peter Mayhew had to go back to working in a hospital after the production ended.. That really sucks but I imagine that they made it up to him over the years.. 

Well guys, there you have it. Oh ya, I got this issue of Dynamite and a bunch more awhile back at The Flea Market in Sebastopol. They were on some dudes 1 dollar table. I initially thought that he wanted a dollar each but he wanted a dollar for all of them. 

It was late in the day and I think I got the "I don't want to carry these home with me price" It sometimes pays to go later in the day. Especially if you are into the kind of stuff that has been sitting there all day that no one else seems to want...  

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Geekfest Rante Ep.344:Star Wars Landspeeder Toy - Fright Night - Terminator Posters

Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos compares the original Star Wars Kenner Landspeeder to the new, Black Series Hasbro one.  How has it improved, what surprises does it hold?  And we even go over some hidden features the original one had, that some people might not know about. 

Plus as a bonus, we go over some other unknown facts/features from other Star Wars toys you might not be aware of. Then we return to our regular feature with posters of the month.  This time we'll hit Fright Night and The Terminator.  Two best of the 80's selections with very different artistic styles.